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Check out the energy National Grid dashboard to see in real time just how the UK is generating electricity to meet the country’s ongoing power requirements.

In the UK, the business of supplying electricity is complex and dynamic. In recent years, National Grid ESO (NGESO) has faced an increasingly difficult challenge balancing supply and demand, and the margins they have to work with have become much tighter.

The supply side has become more volatile, as we have moved rapidly from fossil fuel-based generation to renewable wind and solar powered generation. The variability of output from renewables means that NGESO must balance supply and demand from a variety of alternative sources including hydro, gas, biomass, interconnectors from other European countries and even coal.

At times when supply looks like it can’t satisfy demand, the alternative approach is to reduce demand which is where OakTree Power’s Green DSR plays a key role. By allowing OakTree Power to reduce electricity use a small amount for short periods of time, building owners can help NGESO balance the grid, reduce CO2 emissions and electricity costs as a result and for the first time, get rewarded financially to do so.

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