Global energy crisis and emerging flexibility services

“The global energy crisis will likely last beyond 2023, which is why we expect energy optimisation initiatives to be front and centre of the sustainability sector. Truth be told, as challenging as energy prices have been for households and businesses in the past few months, they have encouraged consumers to explore their energy consumption.

Emerging flexibility services for one have shown enormous potential on this front. They’re becoming increasingly popular in urban areas such as London’s city centre, where multinational organisations like the Financial Times and law firm Pinsent Masons have adopted schemes to optimise energy usage across their headquarters to improve overall energy efficiency.

The trend is likely to enter the mainstream, as some of these schemes can get consumers rewarded for changing the times they use energy to smooth out peaks in electricity demand. This means that homes and businesses that consume less energy from 4PM to 9PM can participate in these programmes and receive financial compensation for helping out overwhelmed electricity networks. In the end, these flexibility programmes are enabling consumers to reduce their overall energy consumption, ultimately tackling bills and CO2 emissions.”