Connecting your building couldn’t be easier. The only equipment we install in your building is housed in a small ‘box-on-the-wall’ cabinet and mounted near your existing building controls and electricity meter. Inside this cabinet is a powerful, yet simple system which we call the Virtual End Node or VEN. Our VEN continuously polls into the OakTree Power central operations centre over the internet on a minute-by- minute basis using the secure OpenADR signalling protocol and does two things:

  1. After conducting a sub-second security handshake with our central software system, the VEN sends your building’s electricity consumption data enabling OakTree to monitor it on a dynamic basis.
  2. At the same time, the VEN asks whether it should initiate the Load Adjustment Strategy we pre-programmed on your Building Management System (BMS). When the VEN picks up a signal to dispatch a DSR event, it automatically initiates the turn down, turn up or turn off of the electrical plant you have agreed can be adjusted by initiating the Load Adjustment Strategy for a short period of time then turns it back to its original operating state. Silently, simply and securely.