What if as a company, you could contribute to addressing one of the biggest issues of our time – the future of our planet?

For the first time, we are making it possible for Commercial Properties to be rewarded financially for reducing their CO2 emissions

The Problem

To address the harmful effects of Climate Change we are decarbonising power generation. You see this in the closing down of fossil fueled power stations and their replacement by weather-dependent wind and solar generation.

But their output can be highly intermittent. The Grid operators such as National Grid in the UK need to balance out the fluctuations such as when the wind suddenly dies away. It does it in two ways; by turning on additional generation or turning down demand.


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The Solution

OakTree Power turns down the electricity demand automatically in many buildings, together at the same time to help National Grid keep the grid in balance, avoid power cuts and enable the growth of renewable generation.

OakTree Power is a 100% green flexibility provider, utilising our bespoke digital technology to provide balancing service to energy network operators. This is all sourced simply and cleanly by intelligently and seamlessly modulating electricity use throughout our virtual portfolio for a small amount for short periods of time. Our technology works anywhere, if the asset is electrical, we can use it, making it simple, and easy for all to contribute, helping address the perils of climate change and get paid to do so.

Ironically, today over 90% of balancing is provided by fossil fueled generation; gas, diesel and even coal. OakTree Power’s DSR is completely green as there is no zero carbon emissions associated with our activities.

We’re creating a new market for commercial building owners who collectively can contribute to decarbonising the country’s energy system and help address problems on the nation’s power grid.

In effect, taking note from Neil Armstrong when he set foot on the moon, each can make one small step as a company, but one giant leap for the planet.

And it doesn’t cost you anything, so why wouldn’t you want to help save the planet?

The Untapped Resource in your Building: Flexible Load

Beyond the CO2 emission reductions you can achieve from traditional energy saving solutions, OakTree Power helps you go the extra mile by temporarily modulating the electricity consumption through the day.

Every building has untapped potential to temporarily reduce electricity consumption of non-essential plant such as chillers, pumps, supply and extract fans and Fan Coil Units.

The electricity used by these various non-essential plant can be adjusted for short periods of time without altering the environment in the building. This is known as its ‘Flexible Load’.

And Flexible Load has a value.

OakTree Power’s analysts continuously scan the flexibility markets looking for the most lucrative opportunities to sell your building’s Flexible Load using our novel digital technology, generating new revenues and emission reductions for your organisation and taking a fee to provide this.

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