Every Woman – Oak Tree Power CEO

OakTree Power, a climate tech startup that helps companies reduce their energy consumption, achieve net-zero emissions targets and generate new income streams. The buildings and construction sector produced over a third of the world’s CO2 emissions in 2019 and, at the same time, renewable energy supply remains a vital but inconsistent source of electricity – … Read more

EU Startups Interview

Q&A with Andreas Wiele, Investor and Co-founder, OakTree Power Talk of an economic downturn pervades the media at the moment. Every other headline seems to spell recession or something related to the ever-increasing cost of living. But the story for climate-tech companies is quite the opposite. Over the summer, TechCrunch reported that investors are still … Read more

CEO Announcement

ClimateTech startup OakTree Power announces new CEO as it eyes international expansion  London, April 7th , 2022 – OakTree Power, a leading climate tech company headquartered in London, has announced the appointment of new Chief Executive Officer Chantel Scheepers with immediate effect. With many years spent in the cleantech energy sector, expertly growing and managing … Read more

Capacity Market

Leading climate-tech startup OakTree Power has reported a sixfold capacity increase in six months, securing 20.8% market share of the latest Capacity Market T-1 auction. This level of capacity – achieved through the startup’s carbon neutral Demand Side Response (DSR) scheme – has been driven by an oversubscription to the startup’s clean energy programme, which … Read more