OakTree Power utilises an intelligent combination of proven digital technologies, designed with the highest levels of reliability and security.

Operational Platform

Our bespoke digital, cloud-based software operating platform automatically manages and optimises the flexible load in your building in real time over the internet. Fully designed for the UK market from the ground up, it selects, aggregates and bids electrical loads from our customers’ facilities into various flexibility markets based on a range of pre-agreed rules to maximise revenue earning opportunities.

We also selectively adjust the electricity demand in your building at certain times of the day, proactively managing the electricity consumption and maximising energy cost savings and reduce previously unavoidableuntapped carbon emission.


Field Hardware

Our ‘Box-on-the-Wall’ houses a powerful, yet simple IoT controller which calls into OakTree Power’s operations software platform over the internet every 15 seconds using secure signalling, sending meter data and enquiring whether Flexible Load is required.

Only when it’s convenient, the controller obtains a signal to automatically adjust the agreed electrical plant for a short period of time then turn it back up again. It does this by initiating a schedule of agreed plant adjustments which have been pre-programmed into your building’s existing Building Management System (BMS).

All communication and connectivity is made at the highest levels of cybersecurity, ensuring your network cannot be accessed by external agents.  

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