About Us

Our commitment at OakTree Power is to revolutionise how businesses approach their energy challenges. By combining innovation with practical solutions, we empower businesses to thrive in an everchanging energy landscape. Our "zero strategy" includes zero cost to set-up, zero kilowatts used, costing our clients zero to achieve net-zero faster.

we empower businesses to thrive in an everchanging

Providing as many businesses as possible with this greener, more affordable system

Co-founded by Guillaume Molhant Proost, Andreas Wiele and Chantel Scheepers, OakTree Power was established in response to three critical challenges:

  • Need for environmental sustainability
  • Increasing energy costs
  • Demand for reliable energy sources

Today, OakTree Power is a key player in transforming the energy sector towards more sustainable practices, changing how businesses consume energy.

Under the leadership of the Co-Founders and CEO Chantel Scheepers, our team of industry experts specialise in delivering meaningful solutions tailored to the complex needs of heavy energy users. Our technology empowers businesses to manage costs, meet sustainability goals and earn revenue for doing so.

Founded in 2020 by Guillaume Molhant Proost and Andreas Wiele, OakTree

Our Team

Jason Avramidis

Director of Innovation & International Flexibility Markets

Melanie Dayus

Head of Projects

Ian Evans

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Angie Castillo

Director of Operations for UK & Europe

Chantel Scheepers

Co-Founder and CEO

Guillaume Molhant Proost


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we empower businesses to thrive in an everchanging

Our Journey

Our story, depicted in the timeline below, begins with our origins, progresses through our present-day achievements, and looks ahead to our vision of a sustainable future.

Award winning Core Team
Chantel Scheepers serves as CEO and expands the team from 2 to 4 members of staff, bringing technology and flexibility expertise in-house, quickly winning innovation awards in the UK, Europe, and Singapore.
Platform Launch
Following very successful pilot projects, we make our SEMS (Sustainability Energy Management System) platform live, adding more blue-chip, climate-engaged clients to our ecosystem!
First full year of trading resulted in performance ahead of plan. New group structure and subsidiaries set up in Europe for expansion
We place our clients at the center of the energy transition, becoming active stakeholders to deliver solutions that benefit the entire energy value chain with the highest socioeconomic benefits.
Q2, 2022
Q4, 2022
Q4, 2023
Q1, 2024

Our mission is to empower asset owners to reach net-zero faster

Our mission is to effortlessly empower businesses to achieve net-zero goals, drive energy savings, and secure a sustainable energy future. This mission drives every aspect of our work, guiding us towards positive and impactful change in the energy landscape. 

Reach net zero by 2050

Europe face a 60 GW energy shortfall in next 6 years.

Rising cost of energy

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable energy future where businesses thrive and have a positive impact on our planet.

Our vision is to create a sustainable energy future where businesses

Our Values

At OakTree Power our six values are the cornerstone of our success:


Building trust through open communication and clear actions.


Embracing integrity and truthfulness in everything we do.


Taking ownership of our impact and striving for sustainability in all aspects.


Embracing diversity and creating a culture where each stakeholder feels welcome and valued.


Adapting our solutions to meet the diverse needs of different organisations.


Providing decision makers with the knowledge and resources they need to make sustainable choices.

Our Customers & Partners

We proudly partner with leading organisations and global grid operators that play a part in the wider movement toward a greener planet.