Our Solution

Our novel digital solution provides the cornerstone for transforming local, national, and global electricity markets, benefiting the entire energy value chain.

How we help

At Oaktree Power, we specialise in helping businesses monitor, analyse, and optimise energy consumption, using a combination of industry knowledge and in-house digital solutions. Our hardware ensures monitoring and control, while our software facilitates decision-making, allowing for micro adjustments to electrical assets. Tailored to your unique business needs, these micro adjustments result in significant energy savings without disrupting your daily operations.

At Oaktree Power, we specialise in helping businesses
Real-time monitoring and optimisation: Experience seamless monitoring

Key Software and Hardware Features

Real-time monitoring and optimisation: Experience seamless monitoring, analysis, and optimisation of energy usage in real-time.

Automated energy consumption management: We automate the process of managing energy consumption, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Data-driven decision-making: We use our software to analyse comprehensive data, empowering informed decision-making for optimal energy efficiency.

Cyber secure solutions: Our technology is 100% cyber secure, prioritising the safety and integrity of your data.

Micro adjustments concept: We implement temporary, small adjustments to your electrical assets for significant energy savings without disrupting your operations.

Oaktree Power Key Services

Immediate financial benefits at zero costs

Enjoy the immediate financial benefits of our service without any upfront costs. We start saving you money from day one

Earn from energy flexibility programmes

Maximise your income potential by leveraging our expertise in managing energy flexibility programmes, contributing to grid stability.

Seamless integration with your infrastructure

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, requiring no downtime or changes to your current energy supply contract.

Environmental benefits

By utilising our solution, you contribute to environmental sustainability, which can lead to a significant reduction in carbon emissions

Industry expertise

Rely on our industry knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of energy markets.

Quick Implementation

Begin your energy-saving journey within a week – from providing a 12-month energy bill to the swift installation of our solution at your site.

Ready for positive change in your energy use? Start here:

Connect with us
Share your energy bill and 12 months of consumption data.
Free feasibility study
We profile your energy use and conduct a commercial and technical feasibility study.
Agree on contract
Once the study is completed, we will agree on the terms of the contract, ensuring transparency and alignment with your goals.
Swift installation
Experience hassle-free installation of our equipment, enabling immediate savings and earnings.
Unlock immediate Savings, Earnings, Energy security, and Sustainability
Enjoy up to 50% savings on your annual energy bill, enhance your energy security, contribute to building a sustainable future, and leverage our expertise in managing energy flexibility programmes to earn additional income while supporting grid stability.