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Cutting Energy Consumption and Costs

We partner with global grid operators to enable the ongoing transition towards the fully sustainable electricity system of the future. Our mission leads us to collaboratively empower our clients to reduce their CO2 emissions while earning significant annual recurring revenues and benefitting from a wide array of net-zero opportunities. 

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OakTree Power: Digitally bridging grids to empower sustainable futures

OakTree’s solution harnesses the power of IoT cloud technology and smart heuristics, placing us at the forefront of innovation. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly connects with your electrical assets, providing real-time data and intelligent insights. We monitor, analyse, and optimise your energy usage, achieving substantial cost savings and sustainable operations with no impact on your business. Let us handle the complexity while you enjoy the benefits. 

Boted by the independent, best of British winner sustainability 2024
KPMG uk tech innovation winner
SME Enterprising business of the year 2024
Connected North 2023
SME Innovative Business of the year 2024
Mipim awards sustainability winner 2022
SME Best disruptive real estate 2022
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Case Studies

Financial Times

Fuelling Success at The Financial Times: Savings and Grid Impact with Oaktree Power.

Financial Times becomes an industry leader by participating in a sustainable grid program. Partnership with OakTree Power enabled substantial benefit to the environment and their local community.
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Steel Mill Innovation

Shaping a Bright Future for European Industry.
In this case study, explore how a forward-thinking steel mill harnessed innovative strategies to reduce carbon emissions and generate income through flexible energy consumption, setting a new standard for the industry.
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Deutsche Bank

Discover OakTree Power's collaboration with Deutsche Bank, a single tenant occupying a 317,000 sq. ft building in London.
Through Partnership with OakTree Power, Deutsche Bank’s London office has created new ways to reduce Carbon emissions and contribute to net-zero targets.
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Bloomsbury Glass

Discover how OakTree Power's grid strengthening solutions enhance profitability in industrial glass manufacturing.
Discover how Bloomsbury Glass revolutionised their energy management, reducing carbon footprint and generating revenue through flexible consumption. Our case study unveils the strategies and technologies that transformed their business, offering valuable insights for your organization's sustainable and profitable future.
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Our Expertise, Your Industry: Discover Where We Thrive

Oaktree Power’s climate tech solution meets diverse energy needs. Our hardware and software solution maximises flexibility through efficiency to cut costs, and champions sustainability. We’re your go-to partner across sectors, revolutionising energy management. We specialise in partnering with the following industries. 

Commercial Real Estate and Retail

Optimise baseline energy consumption by up to 40%

Major Energy Users

Potential earnings from flexible assets of €71 billion in the EU

Energy Network Operators

System saving for EU network operators up to €29 billion by 2030

Why OakTree Power?


OakTree Power's innovative solutions harness the latest technology to optimise your energy efficiency and drive sustainability. We're constantly pushing boundaries to ensure you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.


With years of industry expertise, OakTree Power brings unparalleled knowledge to the table. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of your sector, ensuring that our solutions are tailor-made to maximise your energy savings.


Partnering with OakTree Power isn't just about energy efficiency; it's a profitable venture. Our solutions enable you to earn substantial revenue through grid participation and cost savings, making us a valuable asset to your bottom line.
At OakTree Power, our vision is to make sustainable and cost-effective

About us

At OakTree Power, our vision is to make sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions accessible to businesses worldwide. We are committed to fostering open collaboration with industry leaders, policymakers, and co-opetition. Our mission is to empower environmentally-conscious corporations and our valued clients to be catalysts for change, championing the path towards a sustainable and greener world.