Commercial Buildings

Annual savings up to €300 billion from lower
wholesale prices and system cost

Major Energy Users

Potential earnings from flexible assets
in EU of €71 billion

Energy Network Operators

Network upgrade savings for EU network operators
up to €29 billion annually

Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS)

OakTree Power’s novel combinations of digital solutions aimed at helping organisations better understand, manage, and mitigate the impacts of climate change. By using our cloud-based AI solutions to improve forecasting, provide flexibility and integrate climate technologies to reduce energy cost and accelerate net-zero targets.


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Our Customers and Partners

Why People Choose Us

Allan Clark, Head of Sustainability & Facilities Compliance, said:
“We’ve made significant progress in addressing our energy usage and reducing consumption across our UK offices. DSR enables us to build on this and embed a smart system that drive efficiencies and supports our journey to net zero.”
Nick Braund, founder of Words + Pixels, said:
“The UK made a bold commitment to achieve Net Zero goals by 2050, but we are still far away from making that a reality. It’s been fantastic working with Chantel and her team to highlight the efficient and affordable DSR solution that will make our buildings smarter and greener.”
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