How can we reduce
CO2 in our facility and
get paid to do so?
How can OakTree Power help us to meet our Net Zero targets?
Is my facility

Our Technology Solutions

OakTree Power utilises an intelligent combination of proven digital technologies, designed with the highest levels of reliability and security.


OakTree Power's central operations centre utilises one of the world's leading real-time energy tradings [...]


Connecting your building couldn't be easier. The only equipment we install in your building [...]

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If your site has a number of buildings connected on the same Building Management System (BMS) network [...]


If your organisation has a number of buildings in its property portfolio, no matter where they are located [...]

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Calculate your environmental and financial benefits

Find out how much you could earn from Demand Side Response using our Energy Benefits Calculator.

Your Next Step to Net Zero

Helping you meet your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals.

Assist the UK in achieving its challenging Net Zero ambitions.

By connecting your building and enabling OakTree Power to adjust its electricity consumption for short periods of time, we reduce your building's carbon emissions and you are rewarded financially to do so.

  • You are notified before your facility participates in DSR events and can opt out
  • OakTree Power will connect your facility at no cost
  • The occupants never notice any difference
  • You help achieve Net Zero emissions goals
  • You obtain an ongoing passive income
  • Every year, you reduce your electricity bill by
    up to 5% (with no capital outlay)

How can we get to Net Zero?

Reducing carbon emissions rapidly and emitting as little as possible on the way to 'Net Zero' will help minimise further harmful changes in the climate.

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Case Study Profiles

These case study profiles let you gain an appreciation of the types of electricity load adjustments we make

OakTree Power’s solution can improve your building’s BREEAM rating by up to 20% of the total credits available for sustainability refurbishments


To ensure we deliver a reliable, nationwide solution utilising top industry expertise, we’ve forged strong partnerships with a few select organisations.

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