Bloomsbury Glass


In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, energy efficiency is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Bloomsbury Glass, located at West Bromwich, B70 7LH, understands this well. As a leading glass manufacturer, they sought innovative solutions to optimise their energy consumption while maintaining operational excellence.


As with any manufacturing facility, Bloomsbury Glass faced the challenge of managing energy consumption efficiently. Their operations involved significant energy usage, particularly from air handling units, a glass quenching machine (rapid air cooler), and an electric furnace. Moreover, with their participation in turn-down events, primarily Demand Flexibility Service (DFS), they needed a robust strategy to respond promptly and effectively to energy reduction requests while maintaining productivity.

OakTree Power's Solution

OakTree Power stepped in with a tailored solution designed to meet Bloomsbury Glass’s specific needs. Understanding the intricacies of their operations was key. OakTree Power provided comprehensive support and notifications to Bloomsbury, enabling them to participate seamlessly in turn-down events.


The journey towards enhanced energy efficiency began with meticulous planning. OakTree Power conducted a detailed analysis of seasonal Half-Hourly Data (HHD) and performed a comprehensive site survey. This assessment aimed to evaluate the capabilities and flexibility of the onsite equipment, ensuring optimal utilisation and responsiveness during turn-down events.

The outcome

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Through OakTree Power’s intervention, Bloomsbury Glass effectively reduced their energy consumption by an impressive 50% to 75% per event. These reductions translated to significant savings, ranging from 150 to 400 kW.

By turning down air handling units, the glass quenching machine, and the electric furnace strategically, Bloomsbury Glass not only met the requirements of turn-down events but also demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and responsible energy management.


In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, businesses like Bloomsbury Glass need partners they can rely on. OakTree Power proved to be that partner, offering tailored solutions to meet their energy management goals effectively. Through a combination of expertise, innovative strategies, and seamless implementation, OakTree Power empowered Bloomsbury Glass to not only optimise their energy consumption but also to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

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