Pioneering power project sees office blocks cutting costs and carbon


The Financial Times, headquartered in London, occupies a 277,790 sq. ft building. This case study highlights how partnership with OakTree Power enabled them to participate in a local paying constraints program, contributing to the sustainable operation of the grid and their local community. As well as this, they further benefited from substantial cost savings and reduced carbon emissions through secure electrical consumption analysis and optimisation.

Client Background

The Financial Times is a leading player in the media industry, known for its commitment to quality journalism and sustainability. Their objectives include efficient operations and eco-conscious values.


The Financial Times faced the challenge of optimizing energy consumption in their sizable building, in line with the commitment to sustainable practice across their operations.  

OakTree Power's Solution

OakTree Power provided a comprehensive load adjustment strategy, which included: 

  • Turning down on Air Handling Units (AHUs) 
  • Modulating Chiller Units 
  • Adjusting Fan Coil Units 
  • Turning down other non-essential plant equipment 
  • Participating in the local paying constraints program 


The implementation phase focused on using advanced technology to securely analyse, monitor, and optimize electrical consumption. With over 900 micro-adjustment events annually, Oaktree Power delivered revenue from a program operated by the local operator. The Financial Times enjoyed added cost reductions and sustainability enhancement, aligning with their eco-conscious values.

OakTree Power leveraged its IoT device and platform for: 

  • Strategic IoT device deployment throughout the building 
  • Secure data analysis, safeguarding sensitive information 
  • Continuous real-time monitoring to identify inefficiencies 
  • Data-driven optimisation strategies tailored to the Financial Times’ needs 


The outcome

Success in Sustainable Grid Participation:

  • Securing of the highest paying constraint contract on the market 
  • A five-year agreement with a local operator enabled sustainable grid participation 
  • A 180 kW Load Adjustment Strategy led to substantial electricity consumption reduction 
  • A remarkable 63,000 kgs reduction in CO2 emissions, contributing to the Financial Times’ sustainability objectives 
  • Zero impact on occupants, demonstrating OakTree Power’s commitment to occupant comfort and operational efficiency 


This case study exemplifies OakTree Power’s innovation in energy solutions and collaborative approach. Combined with state-of-the-art IoT devices and secure data analysis, OakTree Power continues to empower the Financial Times as an active participant in the sustainable grid of the future. 

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