Steel Mill Innovation 


In this case study we explore the implementation of OakTree Power’s LAS360 energy efficiency product in the steel industry. It highlights how OakTree Power enabled significant energy savings and the team’s rapid strategy implementation for this large industrial client.  

Client Background

A steel mill employing over 600 people. Production of 500,000 tons per year sourced entirely from steel scrap recycling. The site comprises a 65-ton electric arc furnace, ladle furnace and continuous caster. 


The steel mill faced the challenge of optimising energy consumption in throughout their energy-intensive steel milling process. They sought substantial cost reductions and a greener operational footprint while ensuring that operations and production were not meaningfully impacted.

OakTree Power's Solution

Dedusting dampers, pumps at the water treatment plant and several assets within the rolling mill zone were noted as having substantial operational loads. OakTree Power’s LAS360 solutions enables a saving of over 15,000MWh per year.


The implementation phase revolved around innovative strategies to optimise energy efficiency while guaranteeing the site’s core steel production process remained intact. OakTree implemented its solution in 6 weeks following contract signature. 

The outcome

The implementation of OakTree Power technology enables significant energy savings, by reducing a steel mill’s energy bills and carbon footprint without any notable effect on operations. 


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