Transforming energy management practices: Pinsent Masons’ DSR services at London HQ in OakTree Power collaboration


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Pinsent Masons are set to revolutionise its energy management practices at its London headquarters through a pioneering partnership with OakTree Power. The collaboration aims to provide demand-side response (DSR) services, marking a significant stride towards sustainability and cost-efficiency.

OakTree Power specialises in optimising electricity consumption in commercial buildings like offices and hotels, ensuring intelligent reductions without compromising performance. This initiative not only delivers crucial flexibility services but also aids in curbing unavoidable emissions, contributing to a smarter and more sustainable energy network.

The integration of OakTree Power’s smart IoT controller with Pinsent Masons’ existing building control systems heralds a new era of energy management. By automatically adjusting non-critical electrical equipment such as pump motors, fans, and air conditioning chillers, the solution promises to slash carbon emissions by over 50,000kg annually across the 200,000-square-foot building.

The benefits extend beyond mere energy savings. OakTree Power emphasises three fundamental steps to make an immediate impact on energy costs and achieve net-zero goals. Firstly, there’s a need to redefine the relationship with energy consumption, adopting smarter practices. Secondly, collaboration with grid operators becomes crucial to address demand fluctuations effectively. Lastly, ensuring these changes occur reliably and safely on a daily basis is paramount.

OakTree Power’s solution facilitates these steps seamlessly. Through a combination of bespoke hardware, cloud software, and energy expertise, the platform monitors, analyses, and optimises electric consumption in near real time. Micro adjustments to electrical assets yield significant energy savings without disrupting business operations, often resulting in substantial reductions in electricity bills for clients.

One notable example of OakTree Power’s impact is demonstrated in the case study of the Pinsent Masons building. With 18 floors spanning 205,000 square feet and housing 2,000 staff, the building boasts a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ sustainability rating. By implementing OakTree Power’s Load Adjustment Strategy (LAS 360°), the building achieved remarkable results with zero impact on occupants. The performance highlights speak volumes: a 28% reduction in energy bills, totaling £40,573.84 in savings, and a significant reduction of 230,000 kgs of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Pinsent Masons was recognised as the Sustainable Business of Law at the FT Innovative Lawyer Awards Europe 2022 due to their participation in DSR with OakTree Power.

OakTree Power’s Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS) platform offers a novel combination of solutions, leveraging advanced AI and ML capabilities to drive cost savings and mitigate climate impacts. The Load Adjustment Strategy (LAS) customises energy-saving strategies to manage electricity demand effectively, while the Flexibility Management (FM) programme aids in balancing supply and demand, generating annual recurring revenues for clients.

In conclusion, OakTree Power’s innovative solutions not only revolutionise energy management practices but also pave the way for sustainable, cost-effective operations. By partnering with OakTree Power, businesses like Pinsent Masons can embark on a journey toward a greener, more profitable future.

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