Property Week – why smart energy consumption will keep properties appealing

With reports showing that Britain’s inflation rate has climbed to the highest it has been in 40 years, the UK faces an increasing risk of falling into a recession. As a consequence, landlords and property managers of industrial and commercial buildings face mounting pressure to keep their properties appealing on the market. The ugly truth … Read more

Future-proofing offices

energy efficient

How businesses can shield workplaces from energy costs in 2023 and beyond Just when we all thought that working from home would become the norm, the cost-of-living crisis pushed many to return back to the office. Energy costs went through the roof, and employees saw the office comeback as an opportunity to save on their … Read more

Raconteur interview on rising energy costs

Question the journalist would like answered: With energy costs rising and people facing the choice between heating and eating, where is the innovation, digital transformation and future-thinking change coming that will replace the incumbent methods we’ve had for decades? On April 8th, the government launched a “wide-ranging £375 million package of support for innovative energy … Read more